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The purpose of the Growing Community Project is not only to grow fresh produce but to enable gardeners to share fresh food with hungry neighbors.

Most people who grow a garden end up with more of one thing or another at harvest time. Now is the time of fall harvest, and you may have fresh produce that you could donate right now! Your fresh produce could really help someone in need today!

Are you ready to donate produce to help hungry neighbors?
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What kind of produce can I donate?

Great question! Here is a list of produce that we are accepting on behalf of the Foodbank, Catholic Charities, and other feeding partners: zucchini, summer squash, winter squash, tomatoes, tomatillos, onions, cucumbers, carrots, garlic, beets, bell peppers, sweet peppers, hot chilies, eggplant, avocados, lemons, and apples.

Can I donate other types of produce that are not on that list?

Sorry! Not at this time. We are only taking produce that we can handle and deliver safely and in good, fresh condition to our feeding partners. Why? It is important to provide the kinds of vegetables that people who receive the food aid know how to cook. For example, everybody knows how to prepare and eat carrots, but not everyone knows what to do with a rutabaga. We don’t want anyone to put in the effort to grow food that can’t easily be prepared by the people in need. Also, different plants grow in each season and, finally, some vegetables are easier to transport and store than others, which helps us make sure we deliver only fresh, high-quality produce to our partners.
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What should I plant for the fall/winter harvest?
We will provide both seeds and “starts” to volunteer humanitarian gardeners!

We are asking participating gardeners to plant the specific following items in September and October this year. Of course, you can grow whatever you like in your own garden, but these are the specific vegetables we want for our fall/winter harvest in 2020. When you sign up, we will be in touch to see if you need seeds or “starts” to get your garden going. Here is our Fall Planting List 2020:
  1. Cabbage - “Columbia” from starts
  2. Spinach - “Corvair” from seed or starts
  3. Onions - From bulbs
  4. Beets - “Red Ace” from seeds
  5. Broccoli - “Packman” or “Premium Crop” from starts
  6. Radishes “Rover” or “Cherry Bell” from Seeds
  7. Garlic - California Early White - From seed or cloves.
  8. Carrots - “Danvers” and “Bolero” From seeds
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Where do I get those seeds or starts for my humanitarian garden?

Great Question!

We have partnered with Island Seed & Feed to get you the seeds you need to grow our Fall Requested Vegetables. All you need to do is to completely fill out this form to request seeds and starts for you Victory Garden!

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If the produce is wholesome and fit for human consumption (which is the only kind of produce we accept) and is donated to a nonprofit that is feeding needy individuals, the donor is not liable.
See more info here: I organics/food/donation.
Or – contact our local partner agency, County Department of Public Health, at (805) 681-4938.

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