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Gardening is fun, healthy and rewarding! Helping other people in need is actually good for you! 

Joining our Growing Community will help build your connection to others, to nature and the outdoors and will help people in need in your community. All of these things are proven to provide emotional and psychological health benefits!

Did you know?

“Children who are familiar with growing their own food tend to eat more fruits and vegetables and are more inclined to continue healthy eating habits through adulthood.” (Bell & Dyment, 2008)



Behold the benefits of community resilience farming!

    1. Your overall health will improve as you eat more fresh produce.  There has never been a more important time to protect your health.
    2. Your physical strength will improve when you work in the garden.
    3. Gardening can be relaxing and rewarding and a great way to connect to the natural world in a calm and safe setting.
    4. Going outside and engaging in healthy activities helps to reduce anxiety and stress.
    5. Community gardens are great places to connect with neighbors to learn and to build positive relationships focused on community connection and support.
    6. As you create and tend your garden, you will learn how our food system is connected to soil health, the natural world, culture, and society.
    7. By helping feed people in need, you are helping to build community solidarity and trust.

For articles and more information about victory gardens and the benefits of gardening:

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